Friday, November 23, 2012

I Grew Up to be a Vet.

Dr. Ethics gave me my first ride in a hot air balloon and the Littmann stethoscope I still use every day.

During veterinary school, Dr. Asshat and I led a memorial service together for our good friend.  I married Mr. Cute (on a bit different timeline than in the comic!), and Dr. Asshat was in our wedding.  Even though Dr. Asshat and I are not close now, I will always appreciate that he was there through the best and the worst of school, and life.

All of the Bad Guys here are not pure evil, of course, as they have been drawn.  I tried to forgive as life unfolded, and what I could not get over, I drew.  And drew again.  I hope that if they do come across this comic, THEY forgive ME for processing it all here. 

I have no mixed feelings towards YOU, only pure and deep gratitude.  Thank you for reading, and for commenting and for empathizing.  Thank you for reassuring me that though I may not be sane, I am okay.  Thank you for revealing your own soft side that is still hurt by meanness and is still saddened by the loss of pet friends.  

I may come back and draw some more, I just don't know.  I drew from some pretty dark and wounded places.  Yes, I drew rainbows and happy faces at my lowest - watch for it, not just in doodles, but in life overall - because those are the friends who probably need you the most.  You saw that here and walked me right through it all.  THANK YOU.

If I am not here, I will be at my veterinary website, Riley and James, and I would love your company.

Were I able to return to the age of Ms. Tuck, knowing what I know now, and having been through all the highs and lows of my veterinary career, I would still declare as emphatically as I did then, and as loudly as she does now, that when I grow up, I want to be a vet.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Sunday Comics Have Their Own Page! Woo!

A client figured out for me how to post the Sunday comics on their very own page!  So now every week, I will post them on the "Sunday Comics" page, which you can get to from the top of the home page.  I will post links to Facebook and Twitter and figure out more this week so I can make it as easy as possible.

Here is the link to the Sunday Comics Page.

Thank you Mr. Cute!

Happy Sunday Friends!