Saturday, February 25, 2012

Tag! I am it!

My New Friend, Ellen, of the Pupparoos! blog tagged me in this fun Q & A game.  So now I get to answer these questions and then it is your turn!

1)  Describe yourself in 7 words.



2)  What keeps you up at night?

worrying if my patients are going to be ok

3)  Who would you like to be?


4)  What are you wearing right now?

a pink dress and purple shoes

5)  What scares you? 

Yelling scares me.

The mortality of pets scares me too.

6)  The best and worst of blogging:

best - Friends!  And it is fun.

worst - I dunno.  I really like it.

7)  The last Website I visited 

Two Little Cavaliers - They are very cute and have good posts and a very fun blog hop they let me join every weekend!
8)  What is one thing you would change about yourself

Part of me wishes I had chosen awesome jobs right from the start every single time.  But really, I
would not give up any of my past "mistakes" or experiences.

9)  Slankets


We are tagging.......

You!  Leave a link to your answers in the comment section if you would like to play!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

I Like to Draw. Also, I Like to Color.

I have been coloring previous comics to post here.  I have never done a project like this, and it is taking way longer than I thought it would!  Until I can get a few comics completed to post for you, here is a picture of Hammie that I colored.

When I was a kid, I loved that the Sunday comics were in color.  So I will post whatever I get colored during the week on Sundays.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Some Stuff About Me...

A big thank you to Haopee of the very fun blog "My Dogs Love Me" for this very kind award!

Isn't it pretty?  I am supposed to share some stuff about myself that you may not know...

1.  In third grade, I decided I would be a veterinarian or an artist, but was not sure which.  Being a typical concrete thinking nine-year-old, I did not realize life ebbs and flows, and one does not need to choose a specific career path and stay only on that path forever and ever.

2.  I did become a veterinarian, and never progressed in my art abilities beyond a third grade level.  But I still love to draw as much as I did then!

3.  I have always loved rodents as pets, and still do.  

4.  I have never met a pet of any species that I did not absolutely love.
(I put this on a Zazzle sweatshirt and wear it whenever I am not at work!)

5.  I love when kids bring their small pets to see me.  I think their parents are rock stars, and maybe do not even realize what a great impression this makes on their children about the value of caring for living things.  

6.  My parents modeled that attitude (and still do!)  My Mom and Dad are my inspiration and the reason I am a vet and that I love my career so much.

7.  I started this comic when I got into a very GOOD career situation and looked back and realized I had so much to process.  It is sort of like what I imagine drawing therapy is for children.  I can not always quite articulate what was so damaging about past situations, but I can draw it.

8.  I had an awesome job for several years "in the mountains" too, after working for "Dr. Ethics."  It is not as hilarious to me as the bad situations, so in the comic, I skipped right over it, but I will include it in comics about my good job I have now.

9.  The comic is pretty true to life, but I give the characters names that make me giggle, because most real life names are not as funny.  Also, I have not asked the Real Life people if I can use their real names.

"I think you would look nice in a hat, Asshat."

10.  Even the not-so-ideal jobs I have had have been mostly good experiences, because of the clients and pets and coworkers.  I would not trade any of my experiences for the world.  They have introduced me to life lessons, people and pets that I would not otherwise have known.  Some of those pets have joined my own family, and I can not imagine living without them.

This has been a VERY fun comic to draw because...drawing is fun!  And also because of the encouragement of all of you.  Thank you all so much for helping me make lemonades out of lemons.