Friday, March 2, 2012

I Had a Cold


  1. Hey, it's Jet here. Stay strong, you can do it!

  2. Take care of that cold! Kelly sends you get well wags and slurps!

  3. Doesn't it stink when humans who think they know everything like to try to dump their stuff on you? Jen says she has a bunch of humans like that at her job now. Maybe soon she can find a different job.

    1. Yes Rumpy Dog! Boo for Jen's asshat human coworkers! I hope she can find a different job too. Or maybe they will all leave...or have a moral crisis...or something!

  4. Boo! I hope you feel better soon. Everything's tougher when you're sick. :(

    1. Thanks H and Flo! That is true! Things always get better though!

  5. I think what Dr. Asshat and Dr. Man are doing is quarreling instead of discussing the problems rationally. They do not are willing to take into consideration your arguments, what is more, they do not let you present them. This is a very bad situation, with little hope of a reasonable and positive outcome. The emotions are high, there is frustration, anger, intolerance. I'd not have been able to listen to them two hours long.
    BUT: you can remain rational and think things over.
    I try to summarise your story.
    1. You are happy to be working for your best friend.
    2. The staff is happy, too, everybody makes jokes about being fired.
    3. Dr. Man appears as a new partner of Dr. Asshat.
    4. As a next step, Dr. Jhak is hired.
    5. They want transform you into an impersonal and profit-oriented vet-machine.

    Some weak points of the story (of course, I may be completely mistaken):
    1. I'm not sure whether Dr. Asshat is a competent manager.
    2. Is the firm in trouble finantially? If yes, since when? Or does want Dr. Asshat simply more profit?
    3. Has Dr. Asshat chosen Dr. Man as a partner in order to find a solution to the financial problems?
    4. Has Dr. Asshat employed Dr. Jhak for the same reason?
    5. Is it possible that Dr. Asshat lost control over the firm and had come under the influence of Dr. Man?
    6. Why does Dr. Asshat think that the advices of Dr. Jhak bring more for the firm than his salary?
    7. What do the other doctors say to all of this?
    8. Has the atmosphere changed in the last weeks?

    Maybe, you should seek a new job - for example, a vet practice with connections to an animal shelter? There would be your ethical standards welcome!

  6. Hi Kolytyi! You have very good points! And YES, you are right about needing to find a new job that fits me better! I will try to is hard to get all of the story in with silly drawings :D

    1. WAS happy...THOUGHT he was my best friend :/
    2. No one is happy...Dr. Asshat's meanness is becoming discouraging.
    3. Yes, new partner Dr. Man
    4. And now Dr. Jhak
    5. YES! I do not want to and could not be an impersonal and profit-oriented vet-machine though! Well said! haha There is only so far one can say that politely, until it needs to be stated firmly! Stay tuned :)

    1. Dr. Asshat is not a competent manager - no clue how he stays in business. *sigh*
    2 - 6. Dunno
    7. At the time, I was the only other doctor.
    8. I think it was always an unhealthy environment, and I was so excited to be back "home" and with my "friend" that I turned a blind eye to most of it, until they started insisting that I step in line. That is when I had to make a decision.

    I love that you are so invested! I SO wish you were here in Real Life! At the time, it was hard to not feel as though I were missing something, or that some of what they were saying was true (It was not!), but it is so good to have Friends like you and the others here who empathize!

    1. Yay Friendship!!! ♥♥♥
      I'm afraid I'm at a distance of 7500 kms or even more in Real Life from you! Although I often wish to be somewhere else... :-(
      Your drawings are anything but silly! We are all here because they are so touché! I came to the conclusion that they require a little more attention because they are not only funny but reveal a lot about Real Life.
      The drawing about jokes of the type "You smiled, you are fired!" seems to indicate that you and the staff have become allies. Your clients are satisfied with your work and love your professional & amiable manner. Is it not possible that Mr. Asshat's patients tend to prefer you to him and the staff is undeniably happier if you are on duty? He may be simply jealous and have persuaded himself that your popularity is only due to your moderate (in his view, surely: extremely low) prices. Of course, there are financial problems and incompetence, too - the employment of Mr. Jhak is totally absurd at a two (or three)-doctors practice. But sometimes worst comes to worst...

    2. You are very perceptive Kilytyi! Now that you mention it, Dr. Asshat did say in the infamous meeting that if he had to hear me say MY clients or MY hospital one more time, he did not know if he could stand it (I am not sure if he would have exploded, or what would have happened :D) I said I meant "my" as I would say "my friend" not "my toy and not yours." That awesome explanation did not help the situation - ha! So, yes, maybe he was jealous. But I could not cater to that. I guess I expected his attitude to be that he was blessed to have someone on his team who loved pets and people so much, and whose clients trusted me and my medical, that was not his attitude :D

  7. Hi Y'all,

    My Human says take 2 oranges, go home to bed and ignore those squabbling doctors.

    Just hopped by to catch up on your happenings and say hello! Have a great weekend!

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  8. Hope you feel better. We say boooo to Dr Asshat!